About Safe Food Testing Solution Laboratory



SAFE FOOD TESTING SOLUTION LABORATORY operates an analytical laboratory capable of performing both instrumental and wet chemistry tests suitable for defining physical and chemical characteristics of a variety of sample types. This diverse range of analytical techniques helps Safe Food Testing Solution Laboratory clients resolve quality issues & Food safety testing, which examines food products for quality parameters, chemical residues and other hazardous material. Across the globe, food borne diseases have been a cause of concern for the governments as well as consumers. As consumers are becoming more aware of their food quality, an increasing demand for safe food will further fuel growth in the market.

Safe Food Testing Solution Laboratory

is equipped to meet all of your analytical chemistry needs. Our highly trained food chemists use advanced analytical procedures and equipment to ensure fast turn- around time and high quality service. With a diverse range of analytical services including proximate analysis, fat and oil testing, additives, sweeteners, fiber, and vitamin analyses, our analysts are committed to providing expert data interpretation and consultation in selecting appropriate analyses to meet your company needs.